Bodegas Bikain

The winery / History

The Ramirez de la Pecina family is dedicated to the cultivation of grapevines and the commercialisation of quality wines made traditionally under the Rioja D.O.C. Qualified designation of origin in Villabuena de Alaba, in the heart of the Rioja region. Winery's history image

The origins

The family has spent thirteen generations dedicated to the world of wine. The origins of the winery are dated from 1560, as we can see in the genealogy tree. In the past, the grape of the family harvest was fermented in the so called Cave of the Bridge, an antique wine cellar which kept the right temperature naturally. This wine was decanted into wineskins and transported to nearby areas for its commercialisation.

The 60s

During these years, Primitivo Ramirez de la Pecina, fermented and sold young wine in bulk, mainly to warehouses in Bizcaia.

The 70s

Primitivo, together with his son Antonio, built a small winery and they became one of the first harvesters in Villabuena to commercialise their own young wines in bottles. They acquired their first wine filler and corking machine. During this time, Villabuena started to garner fame for good quality wine. Through this period, most of the winery’s production was sold to private individuals. Winery's history image

The 80s

Antonio Ramirez de la Pecina took over and built a new winery with increased capacity and better means. He completes the professionalization of the business and adapts it to the new regulations. In 1985 and 1986 respectively, the brands “Bikain” and “Viña Sokaire” are created, and the winery starts labelling and commercialising the wine under its own name and introducing the wine in restaurants and hotels.

The 90s

The winery invests in the acquisition of another vineyard and new agricultural machinery and increases its sales to the end consumer. In 1998, “De Garaje” a new conceptual wine is created with the intention of creating a fresh and flavourful wine. The brand is registered in 2003. From then on, the family experiments until finally, in 2010, they achieve the desired quality. In 2011, the wine is sold commercially for the first time.

2000 – current

The winery adapts to the new trends in technical specification by acquiring a new line of bottling machineries, realising improvements in the production process and a achieving a higher specialisation. New opportunities arise from demand in the foreign market and control systems are put in place to enable tracing the final product to its winery and vineyard. Winery's history image

1560Francisco Ramírez de la Peziña
born at Villabuena
1590Pedro Ramírez de la Peziña
born at Villabuena
1621Francisco Ramírez de la Peziña
14/01 - born at Villabuena
1661Diego Ramírez de la Peziña
22/02 - born at Villabuena
1694Joseph Manuel Ramírez de la Peziña
24/09 - born at Villabuena
1745Santos Ramírez de la Peziña
01/11 - born at Villabuena
1795León Ramírez de la Peziña
19/02 - born at Villabuena
1829Julián-Benito Ramírez de la Peziña
09/01 - born at Villabuena
1855Benito-Hilario Ramírez de la Peziña
11/01 - born at Villabuena
1885Antonio Ramírez de la Peziña
13/06 - born at Villabuena
1924Primitivo Ramírez de la Peziña
24/02 - born at Villabuena
1954Antonio Ramírez de la Peziña
05/01 - born at Villabuena