Bodegas Bikain

The winery / What makes us different

  • Our location: The winery is located in a strategic location; the town with the most wine fame in the Rioja, Villabuena. A location which has the best vineyards in la Rioja, surrounded by the Cantabrian Mountains, without artificial irrigation and wineries placed in small hillsides.
  • Our tradition: Our family has spent 12 generations dedicated to growing grapevine in our own vineyards, which mostly contain old vines, of low production but excellent quality.
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  • Our specialisation: The winery is dedicated exclusively to elaborate young red wines, employing 100% of our own grapes in these wines. We do not elaborate reserve or crianza wines, all our efforts are dedicated to young wine.
  • Our elaboration method: We use the carbonic maceration traditional method. Not many wineries can boast about stepping on the grapes the traditional way, and employing “worm presses” which favours the extraction of the wine without breaking the grain of the grape, and avoiding transmitting bitter flavours to the wine.
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  • Quality: Quality Young wine is scarce in the market. Our winery focuses all our efforts in achieving a quality product. To achieve this level of quality, we apply a “late harvesting” method, that helps us achieve an optimum point of ripening.
  • Healthy product: We elaborate our wine in a completely natural way, which results in a very healthy product. Our consumers highlight the satisfaction of a daily and moderate consumption.
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