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The winery / The vineyards

The majority of the grapes for our wine come from our own vineyards, which are between 15 and 100 years old and have a capacity of between 4,000 to 5,000 Kg./Hect. for the red variety and 9,000 Kg./Hect. for the white variety.

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We take care of our vineyards during the whole year, following these processes:

  • At the end of autumn/beginning of winter, the grapevine goes into a repose period. During this period, we plough the land to cover the roots and avoid potential damage from freezing, eliminate weeds, and prepare the soil to receive the winter rain. Additionally, during winter, we proceed to fertilize the soil with the objective of enriching it with minerals and maintaining the organic material levels.
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  • Afterwards, we proceed to trim the grapevine, cutting the vine shoot required to control the output and quality of the next crop. The Regulatory Counsel is in charge of determining the maximum number of production by hectare and grapevine, limiting the production of grape with the purpose of maintaining the quality.
  • When the temperature starts rising, the sap begins to flow over the old wood and emerges as tears on the cuts performed during the trim. Then the grapevines start to grow. This process usually happens in April.
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  • In spring, when the temperature rises, new vine shoots start to appear and we proceed to farm the land and to eliminate weeds and land from the base of the grapevines, enabling air and rain to penetrate the grapevines.
  • We also do the “espergurado” which consist of the elimination of the non productive vine shoots which appear in the trunk and the “desniete”, which consists of eliminating the lateral vine shoots.
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  • The green colour starts to appear in the grapevine at the beginning of June and then the flowering and pollen fertilisation start. The number of grapes per cluster will depend on this fertilisation.
  • During summer, the high temperature facilitates a high growth of the vine shoots. From this moment it is very important to prevent sicknesses that usually affect the grapevine, such as mildew.
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  • In July, the grapes are formed and they take their final colour at the end of the month or at the beginning of August. From that moment, the grape starts to lose acidity and accumulate sugar, starting the maturation process.
  • When the grape reaches its optimum maturation process we start the harvesting. This moment usually happens in the middle or end of October.
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  • With the end of the harvesting, the grapevine stores nutrient reserves from the leaves in its trunk, that change colour and fall.
  • With the cold of the winter a new cycle begins.
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